[aur-general] Moving arj from [community] to AUR

Alexander F Rødseth xyproto at archlinux.org
Thu Apr 23 09:17:50 UTC 2015

I can also add that:

* Few packages has the combination of not building + upstream being dead +
having security vulnerabilities + little usage by other packages (only two
official packages had arj listed as an optional dependency).
* While the package statistics shows a relatively high installation rate,
these statistics are old. I don't think packaging arj archives is as
relevant today as for a couple of years ago.
* unarj 2.63a-4 is in [community], so the capability of extracting arj
archives is still offered by an official package.
* It's only moved to AUR, not removed forever. Users can still install arj,
and the possibility of it being moved back to [community] one day is still

When that's said, I believe Levente Polyak will be an excellent package
maintainer for the arj package, wether it remains in AUR or is moved back
to [community]. It's an open call.

Best regards,
    Alexander F Rødseth / xyproto

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