[aur-general] aurweb 4.0.0 released

Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen freso.dk at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 14:02:46 UTC 2015

Den 08-08-2015 kl. 15:38 skrev Rodolphe Breard:
> On 08/08/2015 03:01 PM, Simon Hanna wrote:
>> However, I'd change the urls nontheless since it might be dropped sometime
> Or, instead of replacing URLs, you can add the deprecated one as an
> alias in your ~/.ssh/config :
>> Host aur.archlinux.org aur4.archlinux.org
>>     Hostname aur.archlinux.org

This will only work for SSH URLs though. If you have cloned repositories
locally via HTTPS (e.g., you're not the maintainer and you have some
local tweaks you're doing to the package), you will have to

  git remote set-url origin https://aur.archlinux.org/$pkgbase.git/

in those repositories (replacing “$pkgbase”).

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