[aur-general] Deletion of orphaned packages on AUR4

DerBaer derbaer at clockwork-origins.de
Wed Aug 12 15:45:14 UTC 2015

>> So maybe we need to improve the way changing maintainership
>> works. Having a "Give up for adoption" button (that keeps the current
>> maintainer while allowing anybody to adopt the package) in addition to
>> "Disown" is one possibility.
> What is the point of the "disown" button then, if it does the same
> thing as "request for deletion"?
> There are two possible things at play here that a maintainer might want to do:
> 1) "I want the package to be deleted."
> 2) "I want a new maintainer to find this package (e.g. because I don't
> use this software anymore, but other users and packages still depend
> on it)."
> Until now, we could use "request for deletion" for (1), and "disown"
> for (2). Now that you're making "disown" work like "request for
> deletion", we have two redundant mechanisms for (1), and none for (2).
> Adding a third mechanism like you suggest is a possibility, but why
> not just have one for each like we did until now?

I think this "Free for adoption" would be a nice feature:
1) "Request for delete" := This package is not needed anymore
2) "Request for adoption" := I will continue maintaining this package
(because I think it is important), but I'd like to give it up because I
don't want to do this anymore.
3) "Orphaned" := Ok, now I can't maintain this anymore (e.g. because
different hardware). Someone needs to adopt is or we will delete it soon
(maybe as soon as it will be outdated)

Additionally: Installing an orphaned package is maybe not a good idea
(outdated, ...). However "Free For adoption" just means: Only the
maintainer will change soon (if someone is found), but in the meantime
the package is still taken care of.

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