[aur-general] [RFC] command in PKGBUILD to select archlinux mirror to download from

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Fri Feb 6 11:29:02 UTC 2015

On 05.02.2015 17:34, Rafael Ferreira wrote:
> I'm look for a way to set the PKGBUILD's source=() to fetch file from
> archlinux repository without needing to set "ftp.archlinux.org" (which
> is throttled in 50Kb/s) or any other specific mirror (in order to
> avoid slow connection in distant geographic locations).

ftp.archlinux.org has been shut down by it's sponsor. The sources and
other directories are now available on https://sources.archlinux.org (no
ftp any more) which is not throttled and likely won't be.

sources.archlinux.org is currently hosted in Germany, but it has decent
bandwidth. You shouldn't worry about geographical locations for stuff
like this IMHO, but if you really do use mirror.kernel.org. They have
geobalancers and they mirror the sources and other directories.

Do you worry about geographical locations of other mirrors (as in the
project's upstream)?

> FYI, some PKGBUILDs in AUR need to fetch from archlinux repository,
> like lib32-pam, lib32-avahi, lib32-smbclient.

Repackaging i686 packages to multilib ones sounds wrong. We used to do
that before multilib, but it's really just a hack and it's highly
unlikely that it's really impossible to build a proper multilib package.

For kicks I took the [extra] avahi PKGBUILD, added some exports and
rm/mkdir/ln magic taken from lib32-openssl (or nearly any lib32 package
I created back when we introduced multilib), changed the deps and added
some --disable-foo flags to configure for stuff that's not needed in a
multilib environment.

Took around 10 minutes, the file list looks good and the libraries are
indeed 32bit. Granted, it does currently depend on lib32-qt4 and
lib32-gtk rather than optdep, but that's cosmetics.

Package and PKGBUILD here, feel free to clean it up some more (link
valid for 10 days):

As for lib32-pam that only seems to pull the source tarball which, as
mentioned above, is now on https://sources.archlinux.org.

lib32-smbclient can likely also be built properly, but it has a few deps
and I'm not in the mood to build that much right now. Feel free to
consider it an exercise.

If you notice any more lib32 packages that repackage an i686 package
please tell the maintainer to build it properly. Thank you.

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