[aur-general] PKGBUILD Critique

stef204 stef204 at yandex.com
Wed Feb 11 10:15:18 UTC 2015

10.02.2015, 22:22, "Florian Bruhin" <me at the-compiler.org>:
>  * stef204 <stef204 at yandex.com> [2015-02-10 18:02:15 -0700]:
>>   Anyway, here is an updated version.
>>   <https://bpaste.net/show/8fdb2226c3d7>
>>   Better?
>  Some more remarks:
>  - Is it really a good idea to check /etc/locale.conf? Wouldn't
>    something like   [[ ${LANG,,} == *utf-8* ]]   be more appropriate?
>    (the ,, converts it to lower-case, see
>    http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/syntax/pe#case_modification )
>  - I'd move the 'cd' in line 32 to the top of package() and remove the
>    second one in line 35, but that's just a small style issue
>  Flo

Thanks for feedback. I am looking at the utf-8 issue as you and others have pointed out to check on best way to resolve that; but it could be 'compiled-in' as mentioned by David Phillips.
As far as moving the cd and removing the other one, style is good--and I can always do better so that is helpful as well.

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