[aur-general] the *scotch* issue

George Eleftheriou eleftg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 07:36:11 UTC 2015

scotch_esmups5 in "provides" was only useful for as long as it allowed
me to satisfy mumps's dependency. Since you updated mumps it's no
longer needed. I removed it from provides.

I also fixed the PKGBUILD to remove -DSCOTCH_PTHREAD right before
building the parallel version.

Thanks for the feedback

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 12:01 AM, Michele Mocciola <mimocciola at yahoo.com> wrote:
> scotch_esmumps5 is a legacy version, necessary to avoid compatibility issue
> between mumps and first version of scotch (6.0.0). For my part it can be
> safely removed from AUR.
> I would remove scotch_esmumps5 from provides of scotch, just because it
> doesn't provides version 5 of scotch.
> On Saturday, February 14, 2015 6:53 PM, George Eleftheriou
> <eleftg at gmail.com> wrote:
> ===================================
> to: mickele, myles, jedbrown as packagers/maintainers of the various AUR
> scotch flavours
> cc: winstonwu9, gucong, kragacles, john_schaf, SMucalo as packagers /
> maintainers of various other packages depending on these AUR *scotch*
> ===================================
> The other day, i needed to build ptscotch-openmpi and realized that it
> conflicts with scotch_esmumps5...
> loading packages...
> resolving dependencies...
> looking for conflicting packages...
> :: ptscotch-openmpi and scotch_esmumps5 are in conflict. Remove
> scotch_esmumps5? [y/N] y
> error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
> :: mumps: requires scotch_esmumps5
> ... but i couldn't remove scotch_esmumps5 since i have mumps installed on my
> system so... i did a quick search:
> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=0&C=0&SeB=n&K=scotch&outdated=&SB=n&SO=a&PP=50
> and realized that there are 5 (!) different versions of *scotch* in AUR.
> Then, i decided to do something about it.
> 1) Visited the upstream scotch website where i came across this interesting
> piece of information (copying from the Release Notes and Changelog of
> upstream 6.0.1):
> "While this is technically a bugfix release, much has changed "under the
> hood" regarding repartitioning and (re)partitioning with fixed vertices.
> From now on, there is no separate "*_esmumps" version. The additional
> libraries for MUMPS can be generated by running "make esmumps" for the
> sequential libraries and "make ptesmumps" for the parallel libraries."
> 2) Took bits and pieces from the already existing PKGBUILDs, cleaned them up
> and made my own scotch PKGBUILD which grabs the latest sources (6.0.3) and
> encompasses all kinds of scotch that could ever be needed by AUR packages
> (serial + pt + esmumps + ptesmumps).
> 3) Uninstalled the scotch version I already had (scotch_esmumps5).
> 4) Installed my new "unified" scotch.
> 5) Built 2 AUR packages (openfoam and mumps) which depend on conflicting
> scotch versions by replacing the [pt]scotch[-openmpi][_esmumps5] dependency
> in their PKGBUILD with my new "unified" scotch. Just to test whether they
> compile or they give errors. Everything worked.
> Suggestions/questions to all:
> 1) Would you mind checking my PKGBUILD (first attempt to make one but there
> is nothing quite new inside anyway... it's based on the existing ones) for
> errors? Any improvements to propose?
> 2) Then, if everything is OK, do you agree in merging all AUR *scotch* into
> a single one in order to make life simpler?
> 3) the above also implies that the packages depending on *scotch*  will have
> to change their dependencies' listings... I already attached the modified
> PKGBUILDS of openfoam and mumps, as samples.

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