[aur-general] Fields like 'GitRepoPath' in AUR RPC results

Sascha Shaw sascha.shaw at mail.de
Mon Jul 27 00:01:51 UTC 2015

Am 27. Juli 2015 01:13:13 MESZ, schrieb "Johannes Löthberg" <johannes at kyriasis.com>:
>On 27/07, Chi Hsuan Yen wrote:
>>Seems the RPC node does not support such a field. Does that mean 
>>hardcoded paths are the only option? For example 
>Lukas was against adding a field for it, so yes.

I don't understand the purpose of this field. It contains no information. You already know the package name, the aur URL and the fact, that they all end with .git. Is this just in case the AUR starts working differently over night?

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