[aur-general] Need help with some patching for my package (gcc44-multilib)

Giovanni Santini giovannisantini93 at yahoo.it
Sat Jun 20 10:11:07 UTC 2015

Hello everybody,
I already wrote some days ago a message in this mailing list asking for 
help, but I noticed that email clients acted in weird ways (GMail on my 
Nexus and Thunderbird on my laptop acted in different ways for the same 
mail) so I'm writing you again.

I started to upload my packages to AUR4 and I tried to build them up in 
order to upload working packages...
After GCC 5.X, I am not able to build anymore my package 'gcc44-multilib'.
I had some problems in compiling (toplevel.c), that I fixed an hand-made 
patch, but then I have problems in linking (double defines for the 
function I fixed with my patch)...

If someone could give me an hand fixing the package out, it would be 
really great.
AUR link: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/gcc44-multilib/
AUR4 link: https://aur4.archlinux.org/packages/gcc44-multilib/
The edited PKGBUILD (including the new patch I made): 
The patch I wrote: 

If someone wants to help me, I can upload my source tarball (3rd link) 
to AUR4 so it can be fixed with Git.

Thank you for your attention.

Giovanni Santini
My blog: http://giovannisantini.tk
My code: https://github.com/ItachiSan

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