[aur-general] How to depend a pkg on two alternative packages?

Uwe Koloska kolewu at koloro.de
Sat Mar 14 20:48:27 UTC 2015


thanks for your answers and input.

Am 14.03.2015 um 21:06 schrieb Troy Engel:
> On Sat, Mar 14, 2015 at 10:09 AM, Uwe Koloska <kolewu at koloro.de> wrote:
>> I want to create a package for an app that needs either pyaudio or (as
>> an alternative) pygame.  How can I write this in the PKGBUILD?
> Mauro's reply is the technically correct one - however, I'm
> questioning your logic. The two packages are not alternates of the
> same thing; pyaudio is simply the audio bindings, whereas pygame is
> for writing games. Your app needing "one or the other" is a logic
> split - either you need the audio bindings, or you need the gaming
> code -- they don't even provide the same shared binary modules or play
> on the same field.

No logic split in here ;-)

The app (BTW it's EdWare
http://meetedison.com/robot-programming-software/) needs audio and if I
understand it correctly, was developed with pyaudio (a python binding to
portaudio) and then enhanced with an alternative binding to the audio
part of pygame.

And since I'm not the maintainer of pyaudio nor pygame, I can't add the
provides information.

So I really want some way to express the logic: "This app needs audio
bindings but they can be provided equally well by two different packages
that are besides from the audio part very different and so don't share
matching provides statements."

Looks like I can't express this in a PKGBUILD.

Thank you

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