[aur-general] Problem with python versions when building iojs package

Alexandre Ferrando alferpal at gmail.com
Tue May 5 13:58:02 UTC 2015

Hello fellow Arch users, and good whatever time of the day is in your time

I'm currently maintaining the iojs package which just hit 2.0.0 and for
some reason it's causing a bit of trouble with python versions.

The package was able to build as a copy and adapt from the nodejs package
from the repos, until 1.8.1, but now it doesn't build because what I think
is some kind of python version mismatch [ 0 ], but I don't know python.

I've been looking at the changelog from the iojs project but nothing of
what I've seen for now seems to suggest a change that could cause this and
I'm totally lost.

Problem is, my scripting and PKGBUILD skills are a little rusty and I don't
know exactly how to address this, as I've been for a couple of hours with
no success.

You'll find the PKGBUILD at [ 1 ]

Any hints?

Thank you

[ 0 ] : http://sprunge.us/eMeO
[ 1 ] : http://sprunge.us/CMJL

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