[aur-general] Problem with python versions when building iojs package

Maurizio D'Addona mauritiusdadd at gmail.com
Tue May 5 16:35:44 UTC 2015

On 05/05/2015 15:58, Alexandre Ferrando wrote:
> Hello fellow Arch users, and good whatever time of the day is in your time
> zone.
> I'm currently maintaining the iojs package which just hit 2.0.0 and for
> some reason it's causing a bit of trouble with python versions.
> The package was able to build as a copy and adapt from the nodejs package
> from the repos, until 1.8.1, but now it doesn't build because what I think
> is some kind of python version mismatch [ 0 ], but I don't know python.
> I've been looking at the changelog from the iojs project but nothing of
> what I've seen for now seems to suggest a change that could cause this and
> I'm totally lost.
> Problem is, my scripting and PKGBUILD skills are a little rusty and I don't
> know exactly how to address this, as I've been for a couple of hours with
> no success.
> You'll find the PKGBUILD at [ 1 ]
> Any hints?
> Thank you
> [ 0 ] : http://sprunge.us/eMeO
> [ 1 ] : http://sprunge.us/CMJL


the problem seems to be in this two files:

src/iojs-v2.0.0/deps/v8/build/toolchain.gypi - line 41
vim src/iojs-v2.0.0/tools/gyp/gyp - line 8

You may want to add the following expressions to the sed invocation
inside the prepare function.

    -e 's_^\( *exec \+\)python\( \+.*\)$_\1python2\2_'\
    -e 's_^\(.*\)python\( \+-c \+.*\)$_\1python2\2_'\

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