[aur-general] Upstream for jrosetta package gone down.

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at gmail.com
Tue May 12 16:48:11 UTC 2015

On 05/12/15 06:57, Victor Dmitriyev wrote:
> Greetings,
> it seems that upstream source for jrosetta package is down and not going
> to get back up any time soon. This package is still needed and I have
> files required to build it, so, I need some place online for others to
> download them. Currently these files are just uploaded to my dropbox
> account. Any suggestions? Also, java-skinlf package downloads required
> files from archlinux.org server while upstream download page is dead,
> too. Is this an option?
> Regards,
> Victor
You should be able to just use the Dropbox URLs as the source urls in 
the PKGBUILD. I've done that for one of my packages and it works just 
fine. You also could pick up a cheapo VPS from http://buyvm.net/ for $15 
USD a year for an OpenVZ 128MB Container or $25 a year for a 128MB KVM 
and host it yourself. I've used the OpenVZ $15 a year account for years; 
I run IRC server and other IRC related services on them. You get apache 
installed, plus ipv6 addresses, ssh, root, and a good choice of distros 
to choose from. They're very stable and they're good about notifying you 
about maintenance windows etc. Since you'll only be hosting AUR package 
srcs there, the 128M will be more than enough for serving a few tarballs :).

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