[aur-general] [RFC] Draft of the AUR 4.0.0 migration notification

Marcel Korpel marcel.korpel at gmail.com
Sun May 24 23:29:33 UTC 2015

* brent saner <brent.saner at gmail.com> (Sun, 24 May 2015 19:12:57 -0400):
> just wanted to throw this in there, used mksrcinfo and uploaded my
> packages to aur4's git system last night.  seemed to work pretty well
> but the git hooks choked a bit on a split PKGBUILD.

Which one?

> additionally, i accidentally created a repo with a typo- is there a
> way to remove that? i didn't seem to find one.

It's probably the same as with current AUR: upload a new package and
file a merge request.

But for now, I think it's not necessary, as the new site will be wiped
before the mail will be sent, as far as I did understand earlier mails
about AUR 4.0.0. Or isn't it?


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