[aur-general] RFC: PKGBUILD for tensorflow-git

Anatol Pomozov anatol.pomozov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 18:27:51 UTC 2015


> Yes you are right, it seems the bazel versions do match but for some reason
> the one from AUR didn't work for me. Could be easily solved with a
> makedepends entry for bazel.

Yes, please move bazel to makedepends list. Avoid duplication, reuse!
There is no need to build the same bazel binaries again.

Could you please post the error logs here?

> So, best not to upload to AUR? I'm okay with that, I learned something when
> making the PKGBUILD and now I have a clean bleeding edge package :).

Actually other way - go ahead and add your package to AUR. People
start using it, you'll get feedback and gradually improve the
PKGBUILD. And you get a lot of experience with package development.

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