[aur-general] PKGBUILD for touchcontrol-android

Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 15:18:02 UTC 2015

On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 9:33 AM, Jens Heyens <s8jeheye at stud.uni-saarland.de>

> Dear AUR users,
> I wrote a PKGBUILD for "TouchControl For Android"
> (https://github.com/ternes3/TouchControl-for-Android) and I think this
> might be useful to others.
> Since this is my first one to publish I would like some
> advice/corrections for it before I am going to publish it.
> Cheers
> Jens Heyens

Is this really only available for x86_64?

makepkg.conf already defines MAKEFLAGS="-j2" and allows the user to
override this globally, no need to enforce this in the PKGBUILD.

You specified an install file, but that file does not exist or you haven't
attached it, so makepkg will fail with an error.

There is no need to create the out directory, make will do that already.

Other than that, I would modify the build() to use a single `cd
"$srcdir/$pkgname"`, and use `install` instead of `cp`.
It works either way, but `install` lets you avoid a separate `mkdir -p` and
specify the permissions as well.
Maybe that's just a personal style choice. ;)

Eli Schwartz

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