[aur-general] [PRQ#4382] Deletion Request for b43-firmware

Simon Hanna simon.hanna at serve-me.info
Sat Nov 21 23:58:16 UTC 2015

On 11/21/2015 11:22 PM, Xavion wrote:
> There's plenty of room for it to be "File a Request", and it would be more
> grammatically correct.  Your English is pretty good, just like that of the
> other ESLs who've contributed to this thread.
> Honestly, I think it's a joke that we even need to have this discussion.
> Anyone who argues against making this obvious/simple change for the better
> would have to be profoundly stubborn or just plain stupid.
It looks this thread is on it's way to become spam...
You got a couple of spam requests this month. I went back a couple of 
months and coudn't find any requests related to you.
If it really was a Problem, I guess the TUs would want to change that 
themselves. Afterall they are the ones that would be really affected by 
that problem.

I don't think english speakers are the problem here. For all the others, 
there is something called different translations. And whatever you do, 
if you have some kind of input form, you'll get spam.

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