[aur-general] [PRQ#4382] Deletion Request for b43-firmware

respiranto respiranto at icloud.com
Sun Nov 22 12:01:26 UTC 2015

On 11/22/2015 03:04 AM, Xavion wrote:
> IMHO, the fix (i.e. "Lodge a Request") is even more trivial than the
> problem itself.

I am not a native english speaker and have never heard of the word lodge 
as a verb before.

>> Following the argumentation that every written expression must be possibly
>> put in a correct english sentence, the whole table would have to be changed
>> to:
>> _The_ Package Actions
>> View _the_ PKGBUILD / View _any_ Changes
>> Download _the_ snapshot
>> Search _for_this_package_in_the_ wiki
>> Flag _this_ package out-of-date
>> Vote for this package | Remove _my_ vote
>> Notify _me_ of new comments | Disable _any_ notifications
>> [ Manage _the_ Co-Maintainers ]
>> File _a_ Request
>> [ Disown _this_ package ]
> No, only the confusing ones should be changed.  I thought this would've
> been pretty obvious.
>> [...]
> I don't see the point in all of that.  We just need to change "File
> Request" to "Lodge a Request" (or similar).

It was intended as a reductio ad absurdum. I assumed a statement to be 
true and proved its absurdity.

Furthermore, all these expressions are actions, constituted by the verb 
of the action and a noun - the respective object.
Accordingly the meaning of the discussed statement should be obvious in 
the context.
If not, as it has been said before, I can't imagine somebody sending a 
deletion request with the serious intention to request a file.

If somebody though does so, we can in almost all cases not expect him to 
be able to follow or have followed the Installation- or Beginner's Guide.

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