[aur-general] [aur-dev] [PRQ#4382] Deletion Request for b43-firmware

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 20:50:20 UTC 2015

> I am not a native english speaker and have never heard of the word lodge
> as a verb before.

I find that hard to believe, given the lengths you've gone to with your
other point.

It was intended as a reductio ad absurdum. I assumed a statement to be true
> and proved its absurdity.

Great, but I still can't see how it wasn't a complete waste of time for all

Furthermore, all these expressions are actions, constituted by the verb of
> the action and a noun - the respective object.
> Accordingly the meaning of the discussed statement should be obvious in
> the context.

You've got all of that knowledge, yet you want us to believe that you've
never seen "lodge" used as a verb.

> If not, as it has been said before, I can't imagine somebody sending a
> deletion request with the serious intention to request a file.

Then you must be saying that the two times this has happened to me in the
last fortnight were purely fictional.

If somebody though does so, we can in almost all cases not expect him to be
> able to follow or have followed the Installation- or Beginner's Guide.

Yep, so don't send him back to the Wiki for more reading.  Just change
"File Request" to "Lodge a Request" or "Make a Request" and be done with
it.  Two alternatives would be "Request Modification" and "Administrative
Request", but maybe the longer words would cause problems for the ESL

Seems to me that "File a request" would satisfy all concerned and
> be more correct semantically than "File Request", though I doubt it
> will stop confused users from clicking on it..

"The word "file" has a double meaning with respect to the AUR, while
"lodge" does not.  This is because the AUR's central topic is "files", but
it has nothing to do with "lodges".  Moreover, the use of the word "file" -
even though it may be correct - is what's causing all of the confusion.
I'm constantly amazed that so many people are unable to understand that.

Possibly one could remove "File Request", and replace it with 3
> links: "File a deletion request", "File an orphan request" and "File a
> merge request".  The space is there, and I suppose that this would
> remove any possible confusion of its usage.

I think they want it to remain one link for two reasons: to keep the list
concise, and because separate links would take them to the same "request"
screen anyway.

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