[aur-general] [aur-dev] [PRQ#4382] Deletion Request for b43-firmware

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 21:26:18 UTC 2015

> It's already been translated into several languages - you just click the
> drop-down.
> All the Asturians out there can finally be appeased.

We're talking about the *new* text string, Einstein.  You know, after "File
Request" is changed to something better?

That's not how AURweb development works, and TUs don't have anything to
> do with that.

In cases like this, I believe it should be.  This change is a no-brainer
and it'd only take the right person a few minutes.  If a TU isn't
high-ranking enough, so be it.

I am pretty sure you don't actually want the fix, or you would have
> submitted a fix yourself. A four-line fix of a couple text strings...

I wanted to leave it to someone higher up, so that I wouldn't have to go
looking through the codebase.  I didn't see the point in reinventing the
wheel at my end.

Instead you started a flame war on the mailing lists. Are you telling me
> you genuinely thought that was the best way to get results?

My intention was to post the first message and leave it at that.  Since
then, I've had a constant stream of belligerent buffoons finding every
possible reason to block this change.  I can hardly be blamed for not
wanting to let such imbeciles win out over common sense.

I think I was officially diagnosed with mild Asperger's...
> I'm pretty sure though that I posted a patch [1] instead of arguing.

Be grateful that you're not bipolar-1.  You got off lightly with mild
Asperger's.  Thank-you very much for submitting the patch.  I'm sure it
will be for the better (assuming it's accepted).

Is it possible your analysis of the situation is wrong?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean.  I wasn't suggesting that those
with Asperger's aren't intelligent.  As mentioned in an earlier message:
"There are plenty of highly intelligent people working at NASA who have
that condition."

Because a bugtracker ticket is a formal request for a resolution, and
> you are guaranteed to get at least enough attention to merit either an
> "OK" or a "NO", from someone who is actually responsible for taking care
> of the AUR website
> And because any-random-TU can't just edit the website willy-nilly, there
> is an actual project with a maintainer.
> Anyone can contribute. :)

In the beginning, I was unaware that the Bugtracker could apply to the AUR
website itself.  Maybe I should've done my research first, but I was in a
hurry at the time.  Then, after battling hard to stop a bunch of idiots
ruining a good idea, I didn't want to start the whole thing over again
somewhere else.

Since it appears your primary goal here was to pick a fight, I'd think
> you'd be thrilled at the opportunity to bicker over the dictionary, you
> ingrate.

Again, I see it in the reverse direction.  Several people in this thread
were trying desperately to find little flaws in my statements, and I felt
it necessary to make them look foolish (in order to stop their nonsensical
campaign to shut down a good idea).

I'm not ungrateful towards people who help me out (like you).  Some others,
on the other hand, only wanted to shut the whole idea down and leave things
as they are/were.  The way I see it, I was just doing what I had to do in
order to get this change pushed through in a timely manner.

Anyway, thanks again for your efforts.  I am grateful for the time you've
spent on this.  Now that this problem is solved, "respiranto" is welcome to
get back to telling his elaborate jokes (if he so wishes).  I won't be
replying further to this thread, unless someone says something directed at

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