[aur-general] Package depends on 'provides' of another package

Christopher Reimer mail at creimer.net
Sat Sep 5 19:20:54 UTC 2015

On 05.09.2015 18:14, LoneVVolf wrote:
> I think i got that wrong and it should be reversed : vdr-api needs
> to depend on vdr .

According to "man 5 PKGBUILD" pkgver can't be changed for a split package.

"All options and directives for the split packages default to the
global values given in the PKGBUILD. Nevertheless, the following ones
can be overridden within each split package’s packaging function:
pkgdesc, arch, url, license, groups, depends, optdepends, provides,
conflicts, replaces, backup, options, install, and changelog."

What now?


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