[aur-general] Feedback request

Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 13:26:56 UTC 2015

On 09/22/2015 06:04 AM, Dmitriy Morozov wrote:
> source=('git://github.com/dsmorozov/qputty-qt5.git')
> md5sums=('SKIP')
> pkgver() {
> cd "$srcdir/${pkgname%-git}"
> printf "%s" "$(git describe --tags)"
> }
> prepare() {
> cd "$srcdir"
> # Fetch putty sources
> git clone git://git.tartarus.org/simon/putty.git
> cd putty
> git checkout tags/0.65
> }

Why are the putty sources being downloaded during the prepare()
function??? Please add putty to the sources array.
makepkg handles source downloading before prepare() or any other
function is called, and after that you should not be relying on an
internet connection; additionally, repetitive and inconsistent logic for
downloading VCS sources is exactly why makepkg gained support for
specifying them in the sources array to begin with.

USING VCS SOURCES ==> fragment
in the PKGBUILD manpage, for how to specify a tag.

As you are the package developer in addition to the maintainer, you
might consider following Andrew Chen's advice and using a git submodule
in your project -- if so, you will want to follow the following advice
in the VCS Package Guidelines:

Eli Schwartz

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