[aur-general] Feedback for rmlint-git and call for a TU

christopher at ira-kunststoffe.de christopher at ira-kunststoffe.de
Tue Sep 22 14:42:57 UTC 2015


Im the developer of rmlint (http://rmlint.rtfd.org) and mantain also 
the rmlint-git AUR package 
I'd love to see it also in the official community repository, 
especially since some users don't like to install the build 
dependencies (scons, sphinx).
For that, of course, a TU would be needed and I figured the best place 
to find one would be here. I think the number of votes should be enough.

If changes in the PKGBUILD are required, I will fix that beforehand of 
There is also another package by someone else that is not build from 
git, but from release tarballs: 


P.S: Sorry if that got posted twice.

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