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Levente Polyak anthraxx at archlinux.org
Sun Jul 24 12:30:38 UTC 2016

Hi Nicola,

sounds great to get atom/electron into [community].

On 07/23/2016 06:39 AM, Nicola Squartini via aur-general wrote:
> When I first started using Atom, I didn't like the fact that the
> official installation procedure would push precompiled stuff into my
> system: as every old school Linux guy, I feel itchy using binaries
> not compiled by me or by the distribution of my choice.

That's the right spirit ^.^

As I always do, I take a look at those stuff and give you some feedback:

- source filenames should be globally unique and must be unique when a
  package gets moved into the repos. the SRCDST of all packages could
  be the very same directory. Github sources are only containing
  version in the tarball, therefor those should be prefixed with
  something like:

- same unique source filename like black-screen

- any access to both, ${srcdir} and ${pkgdir} must be put into quotes
  as they may contain spaces. both used in build() and package() func.

- same source filename uniqueness as black-screen

- again this annoying unique source filename thingie :P

To be honest I did not take too much time looking at the haskell repo
thingie, however a small thing came into my mind while reading the build
scripts: (I know you don't plan to move those, its just a small side
note nothing more!):
- everything that gets pulled into the repos must be able to build
  without special scripts/setup, f.e. by the wrapper extra-x86_64-build
  from the devtools package.

On 07/23/2016 06:39 AM, Nicola Squartini via aur-general wrote:
> Haskell programming language (my favourite language, btw)

Any chance you feel like you need a new project and want to make xmonad
work with wayland? :P :D

On 07/23/2016 06:39 AM, Nicola Squartini via aur-general wrote:
> Please don't hesitate to ask me questions, if you have any

Just our of personal interest, where are you from?

cheers and have a nice Sunday,

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