[aur-general] Deletion request for python-libtorrent-rasterbar

Charles Pigott charlespigott at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 31 21:52:36 UTC 2016

After I noticed this package had gone missing from the AUR (git repo
was still available, package page was 404ing), I resurrected it as it
had broken the dependency for magnet2torrent-git

Interestingly, the packaging and install somehow worked fine for me
the first time, but then it was pointed out to me that there were file
conflicts between it and one of its own dependencies,
libtorrent-rasterbar. All of the files in the python package, for
instance. Which happen to be all of the files in it.

As such, python-libtorrent-rasterbar has been fully replaced by
libtorrent-rasterbar and can be (re-)removed from AUR. I'll work on
getting the dependency on magnet2torrent fixed instead.


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