[aur-general] aur/acroread broken - request for help

G. Schlisio g.schlisio at dukun.de
Fri Jun 3 16:13:41 UTC 2016

hi list,

the aur package for adobes pdf reader acroread [0] is broken since 2
weeks now.
it ships an outdated version of this software, because adobe stopped
building it for linux in may 2013.
still some people are bound to this for several reasons, so please dont
make this thread a discussion about their decision to use this piece of

so 2 weeks ago it started do develop problems later identified as
related to networking/ipv6. crashing silently after 15s while parsing
/etc/hosts. some workarounds were found, none of which was very satisfying.
since two days now it crashes immediately on startup, without any notice.
the stack trace [1] does not make any sense to me, but gdb spit out some
things about lib32-libxcb (running on an x86_64 machine) [2].
downgrading libxcp to version 1.11.1 seems to fix this temporarily, but
doesnt provide a long term solution.
for that i am stuck, so any help from the list is well appreciated. can
someone make sense of that stack trace or the gdb output, and can we
draw conclusions (like shipping outdated libraries with the package in
an extra folder) to make this work again in long term (aka until the
next breakage)?

again, please contribute technical advice only, no discussion about free
software here, please.

best regards
(maintainer of acroread)

[0] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/acroread
[1] http://pastebin.com/FhQM3izE
[2] http://pastebin.com/f3Py5LDn

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