[aur-general] Updating MATE Packages

Michael Straube m.s.online at gmx.de
Sun Jun 12 19:04:19 UTC 2016

> Sean Fennell <eadrom> wrote:
>> I'm still getting up to speed on the development side of Arch.  I've not
>> altered the PKGBUILD's in any major ways, outside of bringing them up to
>> 1.14.  If there are major changes that need to be made or any tips or
>> other helpful and constructive criticism, I welcome the feedback.
>> [1] https://github.com/Eadrom/arch_mate
> I haven't looked in detail, just a couple of comments:
> - If the GTK2 and GTK3 versions are built from the same source, then a split
> GTK2/GTK3 package is the way to go. Having separate PKGBUILDs for each
> version just doubles the maintenance work for no good reason (every fix and
> update would need to be applied twice).
> - You should remove the install files that run commands already handled by
> hooks. See https://www.archlinux.org/todo/hooks-part-1/

If it's a matter of time I could help you out a little bit.
For example I could handle the .install files if you haven't done that
already. Let me know (email me) if you are interested...


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