[aur-general] Updating MATE Packages

Sean Fennell <eadrom> eadrom at archlinux.info
Sun Jun 12 20:04:31 UTC 2016

On 06/12/2016 05:49 AM, Antonio Rojas wrote:
> I haven't looked in detail, just a couple of comments:
> - If the GTK2 and GTK3 versions are built from the same source, then a split 
> GTK2/GTK3 package is the way to go. Having separate PKGBUILDs for each 
> version just doubles the maintenance work for no good reason (every fix and 
> update would need to be applied twice).
> - You should remove the install files that run commands already handled by 
> hooks. See https://www.archlinux.org/todo/hooks-part-1/

I've done my first pass at updating the packages to use hooks.  [1]

From what andreyv from #aur-general IRC told me, I just need to add the
package that provides the hook to the PKGBUILD's depends() array to set
the hooks needed.  The documentation is kinda sparse on the process, at
least what I could find.  If anyone has some detailed documentation on
how to update from .install to pacman 5.0 hooks or hooks in general, I
would love to read it so I can better understand what's going on.  I
found Allan's blog and an Andrew's github with examples, but that was
pretty much it.  Mayhaps my Google-fu was not strong enough.

If I've setup the hooks correctly, then I'll next work on sorting out
the GTK2/GTK3 split packages.  This'll be nice once that work is done
because it'll mean in the long run, there will be fewer packages to
maintain.  I would really appreciate it if someone could check a few of
my PKGBUILD's to make sure I'm doing hooks correctly and my
understanding of them is correct.

Thank you!

Sean Fennell <eadrom>

[1]  https://github.com/Eadrom/arch_mate

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