[aur-general] Updating MATE Packages

Kyle Terrien kyleterrien at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 21:57:04 UTC 2016

Sean Fennell <eadrom> wrote:
> On 06/12/2016 10:51 AM, Kyle Terrien via aur-general wrote:
>> [0] https://gitlab.com/KlipKyle/mate-pkgbuilds/blob/master/make-gtk2.sh
> I'm using namcap to check my PKGBUILD's as I go along, but I've yet try
> and build them until after I sorted through the hooks and cleaning up of
> split packages.  I tried using extra-{i686,x86_64}-build, but right away
> ran into the whole needing to build them in the correct order issue when
> I tried building atril.  I'm planning on using a clean VM and figuring
> out the correct order and then building and installing them there to
> test and make sure the packages will build.
> In your make-gtk2.sh script, it looks like you build mate-common and
> then work through a list of packages.  Is that list in the correct order
> in which they need to be built?  If so, that'll make it a much easier
> time for me when I go to test building my PKGBUILD's.
> Thank you for sharing that script!

I'm 90% certain that the order is correct.  It's a little hard to know
for sure because MATE 1.12 is still in community.

Almost everything depends on either mate-common or mate-desktop either
directly or indirectly.  That is why they are built first.  After that,
every package from MATE is installed as needed from the temporary repo.

The reason why I setup a temporary repo for the chroot is because many
of the PKGBUILDS are split PKGBUILDS that build conflicting gtk2 and
gtk3 packages, and those cannot be installed in the same chroot.

It took about half an hour for all of GTK2 MATE to build on my
Bloomfield i7 920 system.

(If you do find a discrepancy in the build order, please let me know.
I'm genuinely curious.)

I based the build order on the Install Guidelines [1] as best as I
could.  And the PKGBUILDs are taken directly from Manjaro, where they
have their own guy maintaining MATE packages [2].

I suspect that building all the gtk3 versions just involves modifying my
script to refer to the gtk3 packages.


[1]: http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/building
[2]: https://github.com/manjaro/packages-community/tree/master/mate

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