[aur-general] What's the process for changing a package name?

Forest Crossman cyrozap at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 20:26:43 UTC 2016

greenpak-designer-dev has been updated upstream and renamed to
"greenpak-designer". I'd like to update the greenpak-designer-dev
package to use the new name, but I'm not sure how to proceed. I've
thought of a few methods, but I don't know which ones would work best,
if at all:

- Change $pkgname to the new name, add the old name to $conflicts and
$replaces, regenerate .SRCINFO, commit and push to
greenpak-designer-dev.git (current remote).
- Do the previous steps, but push to greenpak-designer.git (new remote).

I'm also not sure if I'd need to merge packages at some point in order
to preserve votes and comments, too. Also, if I make a new package,
I'm not sure if I should include the old package's git history or
initialize a new repo.


Forest Crossman

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