[aur-general] PKGBUILDs for monkeysphere feedback

Valo valo at autoproduzioni.net
Wed Jun 22 12:47:09 UTC 2016

Hi Baptiste,

Il 22/06/2016 12:12, Baptiste Jonglez ha scritto:
> That is, can it be used and be useful without monkeysphere?  If so, it
> could make sense to provide it as a separate package, 
As for package description:  "|Copy a secret key from GnuPG's gpg-agent
to OpenSSH's ssh-agent|"

It *can* be used outsite of monkeysphere but I don't know if it *will* :)
> but I think you
> should implement it as a split package then (since both monkeysphere and
> agent-transfer "build" from the same source).
I thought about it but I wasn't able to understand from the wiki how I
should proceed aside from the array of package names, can you point me
to a good PKGBUILD I cant learn from?
> Of course, to avoid over-engineering, you could just have a single package
> bundling both monkeysphere and agent-transfer.  Judging from [2], this is
> what is intended by upstream.
Yup, I thought it as well but couldn't figure out how to resolve the
checkdependency on agent-transfer of monkeysphere without packaging it
on it's own. As the software is about security I feel like running the
tests upstream provide is very important and during the tests
agent-transfer is called, without it tests will not succeed.

> Also, some minor nitpicks:
> - you have a small typo in agent-transfer ("makedepens")
> - the "gcc" makedepends is not needed, because it is in base-devel [1]
Right, removed :)

> - as you have apparently figured out, installing in /usr/sbin/ is not
>   recommended [3], but I don't think it's worth patching the source [4].
>   /usr/sbin is a symbolic link to /usr/bin anyway.
Ok, it was so when I adopted the package and kept it, if it's compliant
with the standards then I'll remove it happily

> - I'm not sure about the convention for adding users/groups [5].  Looking
>   at a few packages [6,7,8], it seems that UID and GID are hard-coded, but I
>   don't know if there is a registry.  At the very least, you should create
>   a system user (-r option to useradd), because otherwise the UID will
>   fall into the user range 1000+.
Great! I'll add the -r option as I don't feel like hardcoding a UID and GID.
> Thanks for maintaining the package!
Thanks for the feedback!


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