[aur-general] bacula and bacula-client packages

Vanush "Misha" Paturyan misha at cs.nuim.ie
Sat Mar 5 09:20:44 UTC 2016

Hi All,

while searching for Bacula (http://www.bacula.org) in AUR I found two
conflicting packages: bacula, version 7.2.0-2, maintained by maleckii,
and bacula-client, version 7.4.0-1, maintained by eworm. At a quick
glance it looks like bacula-client provides bacula-fd binary package
from bacula package, and it will conflict on some files with
bacula-common from the same bacula package. Would it not be better to
merge those two and maintain one package?

I am planning to install bacula-fd and bacula-bat on an Arch system in
next couple of weeks, but I don't have any Arch running as bacula
director or storage daemon, although I can emulate one if needed (For
testing purposes).

Any thoughts?


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