[aur-general] re-instate mkinitcpio-nban

iamjacksemail at hackermail.com iamjacksemail at hackermail.com
Sat Mar 5 18:20:29 UTC 2016

>As explained by mail, I don't consider this software suitable to submit in the AUR.

>1) the package is poorly written (see AUR guidelines for packaging[1])
How so? I moved the tar.gz to ninjaos.org. The package complies with

2) the software itself is _really_ poorly written

Can you explain this one? It follows a consistant style, makes use
of functions, and works exactly as its supposed to. There are
no magic numbers, local variables are declared as such
and uses best practices for shell scripting.

3) the software itself is a mere bash script that wipes all the drives with zeros

A. Actually, it runs in ash(almquist shell), not bash (bourne again shell).
the two are very diffrent.

B. mkinitcpio itself is a BASH script.

C. The program is a "boot'n'nuker". Its supposed to zerofill all devices. Its
a valid security program for end of life'ing a computer so it can be
safely disposed of without risk of data recovery by an attacker.

It was written as a simple alternative to "Darik's Boot'n'Nuke". The same
security without the complexity. Its role is well documented.

Also, NBAN follows the Arch Way. It is simple, written in shellcode.

you can see shurikenforge.sh --help for more information.

This is very much a valid security tool. Its also extremely well documented.

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