[aur-general] Invisible packages? Can't find in aurweb but avaliable on git

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Tue Mar 22 19:48:34 UTC 2016

On 22/03, Eli Schwartz wrote:
>On 03/22/2016 02:26 PM, Tyler wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I recently noticed an update for the jbidwatcher package. I could not
>> find the package using the aur web interface, so I proceeded to get the
>> package off of an AUR 3 backup (in addition to there being a new version
>> the license had also changed), and then updated the PKGBUILD. When I
>> went to push to git, though, remote rejected my push. I then git cloned
>> the package and found that the AUR3 package was hidden from the AUR web
>> interface, but available on git.
>> Is this normal? Should I harass the original maintainer of the AUR 3
>> package, or can someone unlock the package on the aur so I can push to
>> it?
>> Thanks,
>> Tyler
>It means that for whatever reason the package was deleted from the AUR.
>The git repos of deleted AUR packages are not purged, and you should be
>able to clone and repush to restore the package. (I assume your push was
>rejected because it was a force-push over the contents of the previous
>history -- which is a no-no. ;))

Or just

ssh aur at aur.archlinux.org restore foo

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