[aur-general] Fwd: [REPORT] Banned for reporting Out of Date CVS packages by Alucryd

georg g.schlisio at dukun.de
Fri Nov 4 14:00:13 UTC 2016

>> Looking for unban, justice and TU should respect the laws
> 1) I might unsuspend you, but I'm feeling doubtful that you're going
> to change, so probably not.

This guy has some annoying communications habits that hit me as well a 
week ago.
Not only does he barely comply to any social rule of communication, he 
also seems
not to read or understand replies and thus inaccessable to any 
form of correspondence.
I'd rather like to not seeing him unbanned, although this might not stop 
him for
long this does send a signal.
I'm not going into detail, as this is not closely related. Details 
provided when necessary.

Best regards

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