[aur-general] Fwd: [REPORT] Banned for reporting Out of Date CVS packages by Alucryd

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Fri Nov 4 13:39:14 UTC 2016

First of all, the formatting of your email is completely shit.

On 04/11, Ake Doragon no Namida via aur-general wrote:
> // Ok, so this guys mean: if i have installed new version (for example 10)
> a year ago, and i want update my package to new version (f.e.55) i 
> must remember this package name and reinstall it manually, cos *pacman
> -Syu* or *yaourt -Syyu* will not work.

Yes, that is how VCS packages work.  Either suck it up, or stop using 

> And what when i will have 200 packages on my PC with
> this like "out of date" version in aur? Maybe pkgbuild is always UP to
> date, but version what is in AUR *IS NOT*

The pkgver field in VCS PKGBUILDs in the AUR mean nothing.

>https://www.archlinux.org/packages/flaghelp/ -- nothing about CVS packages
>-- first line what is written
>>     CVS is not supported in pacman 4.1 like the other VCS tools. You will need to update pkgver manually until CVS support is added.

None of these packages seem to be CVS packages, so I don't see how this 
is relevant.  Either way, the quoted line would probably still be 
irrelevant if there were.

>> i don't know what is going on, and why some of Thrusted Users are a little
>d*cky (maybe just this guy), but that's not a nice look for *Arch Linux
>Distribution*. Even for Thrusted Users
>Arch is rolling distribution what does mean, always up to date. So to keep
>that initiative i am looking for Out Of Date packages and flagging them
>with link to last update or last version.

AUR VCS PKGBUILDs can by definition not be out of date, unless they're 
out of date in the sense that the build process has changed.

>Sometimes packages are running from git to sourceforge of from git repo 
>to other git repo (i found 1 package with this mind*uck, official move 
>wat was written on official website of package).

I have no idea what you're trying to say here.

>But anyway it is not thing for wich i should be banned.
>Looking for unban, justice and TU should respect the laws

1) I might unsuspend you, but I'm feeling doubtful that you're going to 
change, so probably not.
2) Justice is what has been served.
3) Which exact "laws" are we not following?

Anyway, I also sent you an email 2 days ago after suspending you for 
flagging jasonwryan's VCS packages out of date over and over, which you 
haven't replied to.

  Johannes Löthberg
  PGP Key ID: 0x50FB9B273A9D0BB5
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