[aur-general] Package is available via git but not in aur Webinterface and Clients like yaourt.

Carsten Feuls liste at carstenfeuls.de
Fri Feb 17 06:59:45 UTC 2017

Hello Everybody,

i have some strange situation and I don't know is the error on my site or in 

I want to provide some new packages in aur. For this package I need haskell-
This Package was not available in aur webinterace and in the old aur.
Therefor I start to create it.
Then I want to Upload it and I start
git clone ssh://aur/haskell-curl.git

the short aur. is a alias in my ssh config.

But this Repo is not empty. In this repo is a running haskell-curl PKGBUILD
but why I can't find it in aur?

Can anybody help me?

Sincerely Yours
Carsten Feuls

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