[aur-general] Package is available via git but not in aur Webinterface and Clients like yaourt.

Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 08:46:36 UTC 2017

Le 17 février 2017 07:59:45 GMT+01:00, Carsten Feuls <liste at carstenfeuls.de> a écrit :
>Hello Everybody,
>i have some strange situation and I don't know is the error on my site
>or in 
>I want to provide some new packages in aur. For this package I need
>This Package was not available in aur webinterace and in the old aur.
>Therefor I start to create it.
>Then I want to Upload it and I start
>git clone ssh://aur/haskell-curl.git
>the short aur. is a alias in my ssh config.
>But this Repo is not empty. In this repo is a running haskell-curl
>but why I can't find it in aur?
>Can anybody help me?
>Sincerely Yours
>Carsten Feuls

This means the package existed earlier but was deleted. You need to pull fisrt and add your changed after to be able to push.

Also, you should check in aur-requests why it was deleted, can’t do that for you right now since I’m on my phone…


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