[aur-general] Review request for a PKGBUILD

Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 21:35:32 UTC 2017

Le 08/01/2017 à 22:13, Leonid Bloch a écrit :

> Bruno, thanks for the catch! You are right!
> But I prefer to keep the quotes: too many times I fell for some
> unexplained behavior in Bash the reason for which was forgetting to
> quote a variable. I try to quote wherever possible since. :)

Well that’s a good precaution generally, and I know what I’m talking
about since my involvement in Bumblebee (and FLOSS more generally)
started partially because someone didn’t took it[0], but here see Eli
and Doug comments, this is really unnecessary. ;)



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