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Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 21:11:41 UTC 2017

Le 10/01/2017 à 20:48, Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen via aur-general a écrit :

> Den 09-01-2017 kl. 20:15 skrev Bruno Pagani via aur-general:
>> Le 08/01/2017 à 19:19, Maxime Gauduin a écrit :
>>> You piqued my interest with bs1770gain, any idea how it fares speed-wise against the default gstreamer backend? I kept using wine + foobar2000 to compute my replaygain values even after transitioning to beets because it's infinitely faster than using gstreamer.
>> I admit having never looked at it from a performance POV, I was mostly
>> interested on avoiding the gstreamer dependency tree. I’ll test that
>> tonight if I have time to do so or tomorrow if not, by removing values
>> from my whole collection and adding them again through beets. However,
>> quoting the beets doc[0], you should probably not expect miracles: “This
>> can be a slow process”. But keep tuned. ;)
> Veering slightly off-topic for a second, beets might actually be moving
> somewhat away from bs1770gain at some point in the future:
> https://botbot.me/freenode/beets/msg/79152052/
> https://chatlogs.metabrainz.org/brainzbot/musicbrainz/msg/3784688/

Good to know. :) I agree that Peter Balkner (bs1770gain dev) is someone
to avoid regarding his political opinion (I had already seen the “Trump”
line, but the new one from today is also interesting…), and I especially
reject the use of bs1770gain page/changelog to promote them, but if we
start to reject every piece of software based on who wrote it, we’re
gonna have some troubles I think…

Anyway, while this gets implemented in beets, I’ll stick with
bs1770gain, but I wont hesitate to make the switch to this new tool (and
package it) if it performs at least similarly for my usage. I’ll still
continue to maintain bs1770gain for a while even if that happens,
because for now regainer[0] seems not to support ATSC A/85 for instance
and more generally has way less features, among which some might be of
interest to specific Arch users.

Anyway, thanks for mentioning it, and I’ve added two IRC channels to my
“places to be” list. ;)


[0] https://github.com/kepstin/regainer

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