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Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 21:31:28 UTC 2017

Le 08/01/2017 à 19:19, Maxime Gauduin a écrit :

> You piqued my interest with bs1770gain, any idea how it fares speed-wise against the default gstreamer backend? I kept using wine + foobar2000 to compute my replaygain values even after transitioning to beets because it's infinitely faster than using gstreamer.

Hi again,

So, after a little bug fix[0], I ran `time beet replaygain -a` (so Album
mode, which I expected to be your use case) command on my newly imported
(with `-A`and into a new library for this test purpose) incoming folder,
which has the following stats:
Tracks: 2556
Total time: 1.1 weeks
Approximate total size: 102.0 GiB
Artists: 150
Albums: 176
Album artists: 56

And here is the output of the `time` command:
beet replaygain -a  2775,24s user 32,68s system 80% cpu 58:00,41 total

Note this is on a HDD, which I heard spinning a lot during all the
process. So results on a SSD might differ, I could test that this WE if
you want, but here we can say roughly 1s per track.

How does it compare to your workflow?


[0] https://github.com/beetbox/beets/issues/2382

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