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Dan Printzell arch at vild.io
Fri Jul 28 14:32:07 UTC 2017

(Sorry about the double reply Christian, I replyed to the wrong address)

Excerpts from Christian Rebischke's message of July 28, 2017 1:14 am:
> Hello Dan,
> Glad that you like to participate. Here are some questions + feedback to
> your PKGBUILDs...
>> If I were to become a TU I would want to maintain all the dlang packages that
>> are orphaned in [community] [3]. I would also like to move these packages to
>> [community]:
>> - dcd [4]
>> - dfmt [5]
>> - dscanner [6]
>> - dub [7]
>> - workspace-d [8]
> Don't get that wrong, but I am wondering how much people this D-packages
> really need. Do we have so much D programmers outside? I never used that
> language and according to some programming language popularity board
> it's not that popular. (It's not under the big 20)[1]
> Additionally some of the package that you want to move don't have so
> much votes nor popularity.

dub is the default package manager for D and was dropped from [community] a
couple of days ago. So I really want to move it back to [community] again. DCD
was also dropped from [community] some time ago. DCD, dfmt and dscanner are
programs that most editors use to implement D support. So I would say that these
would really help the D community if they were in [community].

workspace-d would be nice if it were in [community] but I'll not move it unless
it gains more popularity. 

> So I would like to know: Are you also interested in maintaing other
> packages besides D specific packages? We have really a lot of orphans in
> community.

I could maintain other packages as well, but I would prioritize my D packages.

> Here is some feedback to your packages:
> --------------- executing /usr/bin/xxarhtna --------------------
> - dcd
> ======
> 1. you want `#commit=` instead of `#tag=` in the source. Git tags are
> variable so you need to pin it at a commit to make sure nobody changes
> it after setting the git tag in your PKGBUILD.

Thanks, I will change that.

> 2. You want to also pin the commit for the other source repositories. So
> for each repository pick a stable commit

Do I really need to do this? Won't the 'git submodule update' command choose the
correct commit?

> - dfmt
> ======
> 3. You have a space at the end of your description (sorry for the
> nut-picking)

np, I'll fix that

> - dub
> =====
> 1. You want to surround $pkgname-$pkgver and $pkgver in your source with
> double quotes:
> source=("$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz::https://github.com/dlang/dub/archive/v$pkgver.tar.gz")

Will do

> 2. You compile that binary with dmd.. so just out of curiosity: Does dmd
> has any security features for their created binaries? Stuff like PIE?
> Would be cool if you could enable that as well.

There is a -fPIC flag for dmd, I can enable this. I can also apply a patch to
the other packages so they also use compile with -fPIC.

> Thats all. Thanks for your mail and sorry for the nut-picking.

Np, I appreciate all the help I can get.

- Dan
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