[aur-general] TU Application: Thore Bödecker

Thore Boedecker me at foxxx0.de
Sat May 13 20:14:50 UTC 2017


just to be clear:
I did not and do not want to move any php56 related packages to the
Arch repo at any point.
It seems there was some confusion on that topic, so I have quoted the
important part from the original mail below:

On 10.05.17 - 13:49, Thore Boedecker via aur-general wrote:
> The packages that I would like to move to [community], if the current
> maintainers agree, are:
>   - amavisd-new
>   - amavisd-milter
>   - perl-convert-tnef (required for amavisd-new)
>   - perl-convert-uulib (required for amavisd-new)
>   - libspf2

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