[aur-general] Git based AUR package repo

Amitav Mohanty amitavmohanty01 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 03:25:04 UTC 2017


I have a proposition for AUR package builds. Currently, if a package goes
out of date, it can be flagged so but we need the maintainer to update it.
So, if a non-maintainer wants to send the update the package build, (s)he
will need to create a new package. My proposition is to have a git based
system where a package's related files can be maintained. So, the following
benefits can be targeted:
- to update a package build, one does not need to copy the old one and
create a new package; sending a PR will suffice
- the maintainer model can be improved. A core set of maintainers or an
active and trusted set of maintainers can review such PRs if the maintainer
is not available.
- even if no reviewer is available, the modified package build can be
released as non-approved one and users will still be able to use the
package build.

I would like to know thoughts about this proposition.


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