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Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon Nov 20 14:56:58 UTC 2017

On 11/20/2017 09:41 AM, brent s. wrote:
> "Merge requests are for when one package is replacing another one. Users
> still have to resubmit a package under a new name and may request
> merging of the old version's comments and votes. This has nothing to do
> with 'git merge' and is not similar to github's merge requests."

And you're missing the part where "why on earth would one package ever
be replacing another one".

To which there is a pretty simple answer: you generally don't, and you
certainly don't try to engineer such a situation for the fun of it by
perverting the meaning of a pkgname.

This is meant for situations when for example upstream has renamed the
software, and a new package with a new pkgname must be uploaded, but the
comments and votes from the old name are still relevant.

The wiki page did an excellent job IMHO in distinguishing between
"merging the old version" which is okay, and "creating a new package to
merge *into* the old one".

Since merging only merges votes and comments, I cannot fathom in any
way, shape, or form why you thought there was any functional utility in
creating a new pkgbase, then deleting it and merging nonexistent votes
and comments into the original pkgbase.

>> "Users still have to resubmit a package under a new name"
>> "resubmit...new name"
> i never made the claim this was github, and i find it silly that you're
> inferring i ever had that assumption.

Don't blame Scimmia, he was just so confused about what you were trying
to do that he was trying to assign some sort of meaning to your actions,
no matter how wild the meaning.

I guess he's just a nice person who wants to think you had some sort of
assumption of any sort of nature (or indeed any thought processes at all).

Eli Schwartz

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