[aur-general] Resignation as TU

Thorsten Toepper atsutane at freethoughts.de
Wed Sep 6 17:28:33 UTC 2017


Over the last couple of months other things in live got higher priority
and the amount of time I'm able to invest into Arch Linux shrinks. So
after several years I now step down from my post as a TU.

I only maintain a small number of packages and for most there are rarely
new releases upstream and for the ones with more or less regular
releases there sure will be someone to take care of them, however
there's one package for which I .

mathomatic is a great tool, but its original developer George Gesslein
died several years ago and since then the original site vanished. There
are sites like launchpad which still provide information about this
software, but except for other distributions I never found a site that
also provided the code of the last release, so as package source I use a
backup of the last release in a github repository in order to be
independent of other sites may dropping the tool as currently there's no
one who develops this software further. As mentioned there's a launchpad
site for the project, but the version provided there is 15.6.5 while the
last release was 16.0.5. It would be nice if this package could stay in
the repositories. Maybe not just relying on my backup copy on github,
but hosting it on our own servers.

Best Regards,

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