[aur-general] Resignation as TU

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Wed Sep 6 18:00:33 UTC 2017


Quoting Thorsten Toepper (2017-09-06 19:28:33)
> Hello,
> Over the last couple of months other things in live got higher priority
> and the amount of time I'm able to invest into Arch Linux shrinks. So
> after several years I now step down from my post as a TU.

I wish you the best with your life!

> I only maintain a small number of packages and for most there are rarely
> new releases upstream and for the ones with more or less regular
> releases there sure will be someone to take care of them, however
> there's one package for which I .
> mathomatic is a great tool, but its original developer George Gesslein
> died several years ago and since then the original site vanished. There
> are sites like launchpad which still provide information about this
> software, but except for other distributions I never found a site that
> also provided the code of the last release, so as package source I use a
> backup of the last release in a github repository in order to be
> independent of other sites may dropping the tool as currently there's no
> one who develops this software further. As mentioned there's a launchpad
> site for the project, but the version provided there is 15.6.5 while the
> last release was 16.0.5. It would be nice if this package could stay in
> the repositories. Maybe not just relying on my backup copy on github,
> but hosting it on our own servers.

So, since it's under the LGPL it falls under requirements to provide the 
source if anyone asks, so there's a sourceball of the package available 
here[0], but it would probably be possible to get the raw upstream 
tarball hosted under the other directory as well.

[0]: https://sources.archlinux.org/sources/community/mathomatic-16.0.5-4.src.tar.gz

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