[aur-general] [Review Request] PKGBUILD for bumblebee-status

Lex Black autumn-wind at web.de
Sun Sep 17 10:42:02 UTC 2017


Some issues I noticed:
In this case you should remove the conflict and the provides line. And the _pkgname variable does not differ from pkgname so it should be removed too.
The prefixed v in the pkgver should be removed. 
Regarding downloading the source there is a Arch-Wiki page for VCS packages.
Three choices regarding this specific case. You can directly download the tar archive tied to the tag, append the current source with #tag=v${pkgver} or with #commit= followed by the commit hash tied to the tag.
The latter being preferred IIRC to avoid the issue with retagging.
If doing the first, the source line should be prefixed with ${pkgname}-${pkgver}:: to make the file name of the downloaded tar archive unique.

All three make the git command usage in package() obsolete.

Best regards

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