[aur-general] TU (re-)Application

Marcin Wieczorek marcin at marcin.co
Fri Feb 9 21:38:40 UTC 2018

Alad Wenter via aur-general <aur-general at archlinux.org> writes:
> * The originally sent email does not match the email Brad applied with
>   in 2010. [1]
> * There is no GPG signature, neither on the current application or the
>   2010 application, as to remove doubts.
> * The "itsbrad212" account is no longer present on AUR.
> * The website on the archlinux.org TU Fellow page is no longer
>   functional. [2]
> There has been some recent activity on the "itsbrad212" forum account
> (which was linked from the 2010 application), but I would not say this
> is sufficient confirmation.

We're waiting for a PGP signed email then, nothing else. Many things may
have changed since 2010 (including PGP keys too). I suppose the idea of
re-applying involved other TUs. There must be someone to confirm
everything we're in doubt about.

Marcin Wieczorek
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