[aur-general] please help me to check the PKGBUILD script

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Tue Jan 2 04:18:36 UTC 2018

On 01/01/2018 10:44 PM, goodman Leung via aur-general wrote:
> hi team
> this is my first start to q PKGBUILD,  i am not sure it is very correct
> , any one can help to check the script

You *must* quote "${srcdir}" and "${pkgdir}" as they can contain spaces.

You should remove the empty variables that you aren't using, as well as
the commented-out first version of the source array.

Looks like http://yydl.duowan.com as well as http://www.yy.com/ offer
https:// as well, might as well use it.

Why do you use arch=('i686' 'x86_64') when this only downloads a Windows
executable and some shellscripts and runs it in wine?
The source downloads don't appear to differentiate between architectures
via source_i686=() and source_x86_64=() either.
arch=('any') is designated for packages that, once built, can be run on
either. For example, scripting languages and data files.

I don't really know where that run.sh file comes from or what it looks
like, so I cannot comment on it.

Instead of using
`cp ${srcdir}/{files.7z,run.sh,YYSetup-${YYver}-zh-CN.exe} -i

Use `install`, like this:

install -Dt opt/${pkgname} -m644
install -Dt opt/${pkgname} -m755 "${srcdir}"/run.sh

This also avoids the use of an interactive `cp -i`, since PKGBUILDs
should *never* require user interaction to build.

I also would avoid the use of `msg` as that is not interesting
information the user needs to be alerted to with colorful messages. Just
let e.g. sed run on its own.

sed can change multiple things in one go, no need to call it multiple
times, or change directories so much, when you can do:

sed -e "s/PKGNAME/${pkgname}/" \
    -e "s/APPVERSION/${YYver}/" \
    -i "${srcdir}"/run.sh
sed -e "s/PKGNAME/${pkgname}/" \
    -e "s/Name=/Name=1/" \
    -i  "${srcdir}"/usr/share/applications/YY_Voice.desktop


But I would ask instead, why is this necessary at all, and why doesn't
upstream already set this properly?

Eli Schwartz

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