[aur-general] Deletion of discord-updater{,-canary}?

Morgan Adamiec morganamilo at gmail.com
Thu May 10 00:29:52 UTC 2018

discord-updater is quite a confusing package to me. I'm not sure is I
should file a deletion request for it.

When discord needs an update it will refuse to start until it is
updated. This package appears to be designed to download the latest
discord .tar.gz and extract it to ~/.local. By passing the need to
wait for updates on the main discord AUR package.

My question here is does this count as a duplicate to discord? And
even if it does not should this really be in the AUR in the first
place? It is just a simple script really.

For future reference I would appreciate if anyone can tell me the
correct place to send this sort of thing. Here, to aur-requests or
type it into the request box on the AUR page.

Also on a similar topic, the package discord-always-canary was removed
from the AUR by Eschwartz. This package is essentially discord-canary
with a pkgver() function. Meanwhile firefox-always-nightly is still on
the AUR and is essentially the same idea.

Is there a reason the discord-always-canary can not exist, similar to
pkg and pkg-git? I get they comparison is not exactly the same because
both discord packages source stable versions.

Instead would it be a good idea to add a pkgver() function to the main
discord packages? As mentioned discord will refuse to start when out
of date, so most users are stuck waiting for the maintainer to update

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